In the Clouds

In the clouds I dream 

of you

The happiest place

for one who

Is warmed by

the light of your beautiful soul

Eternal love

our hearts aglow

From the earth

so far away

The wind brings you near

as trees sway

I breathe in deep

and remember you

From a small bump

and a lifetime too

In a matter of weeks

I saw it all

From first steps

to big and tall

The sun peeks ‘round

your home up high

I feel you there

one with the sky

I lie here watching

looking up

Being brave,

tearing up

But I will wait

And love you so

Until it’s time

for me to go

Away with you

and then you’ll know

Your mother’s love

Was infinite, so…

In the clouds you

are with me

The happiest place

I can think to be


Christina Jensen Eckert